Marble Run Sound
Marble  Run Sound - Small Foot  Description This marble run is a true sound experience! Once the glass marble is plugged into the red wooden ball, the melody will take its course. It will fall on the colourful fan-shaped wings made...
£21.95 £18.65
Small Foot Pastel Activity Cube
Pastel Activity Cube -Small Foot  Description  Stack, push, flap, turn! Playable from five sides, this wooden motoric cube promises even the smallest children varied and fun playing. A bead maze, sorting game, shape-fitting and pushing game, and gears promote colour...
Pastel stacking tower
Pastel Stacking Tower -Small Foot  Description  Stacking fun in trendy colours! All five pastel-coloured stacking cubes and the matching wooden animal figures are just waiting to be stacked and assigned. Four cubes have door and window openings to hide the...
Wooden Building Blocks
Building Blocks- By Small Foot  Description A classic with a modern presentation! This 50-piece building blocks set will enchant young adventurers with a large selection of differently shaped and designed wooden building blocks. In addition to coloured and naturally finished...
Pastel Hammer Bench
Pastel Hammer Bench - Small Foot  Description Hammering can be so stylish! Now children can measure their strength by hammering down the wooden sticks, which are held in delicate pastel colours, with the wooden hammer. Rubber coatings in the hammering holes...
Pastel Baby Walker
Pastel Baby Walker - Small Foot  Description Learning to walk with the rabbit, the panda, and their friends! This baby walker in popular pastel colours supports children with their first attempts at walking. The 34 building blocks which are partially naturally...
Jumping Animal Shape Fitting Game
Jumping Animal Shape Fitting Game - Small Foot  Description Who's jumping around there? This cute wooden shape-fitting game comes in trendy pastel colours. The adorable forest animals made of robust wood are to be inserted into the openings. Since the holes...
Wobbly Tower Safari
Wobbly Tower Safari-By Small Foot Description Safari animals want to climb high! In this variation of the popular wobbly tower game, exciting fun and thrills are guaranteed. First, a tower of wooden blocks and floors is stacked, whose "columns" must...
Balance Blocks Safari
Balance Blocks Safari-By Small Foot Description No block is like the other here! Inspired by the Montessori pedagogical theory, these 18 balance blocks made of high-quality wood with various sizes, corners, and unequal sides promote the development of fine motor...
Cascading Tower Zip Zag
Cascading Tower Zip Zag  - Small Foot  Description Young car fans will really get their money's worth with this wooden cascading tower because there's entertainment for their eyes and ears! Once released, the young articulated train cars zig-zag their way down...
Computing Tiles Number Fan
Computing Tiles Number Fan- By Small Foot  Description Math isn't so tough! Especially when you can practice on this wooden calculation board. The calculated equations must be matched with the suitable solution on the wooden board so that they can...
Shape Fitting Game
Shape Fitting Game-By Small Foot  Description As colourful as the rainbow! With this shape-fitting and stacking game, the goal is to stack identical shapes on top of each other by size so that the colours of the rainbow are formed...
Colourful Threading Shoes
Colourful Threading Shoes-By Small Foot  Description  Show us your shoes! Children can playfully learn how to tie shoelaces with these wooden threading shoes.Practising shoe-tying and lacing also trains finger dexterity, fine motor skills, and concentration. Tying their own shoes allows...
Learning Board
Learning Board-By Small Foot Description  Our Let's Learn Calendar Clock will help your kids to develop key life skills. Our Calendar Clock is multi functional featuring days of the week, months of the year, weather, seasons and a visually stimulating...
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