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Weather watch
Description Have fun and learn about the weather and the phases of the moon with this high-quality wooden weather station. Turn a wheel to see the 8 phases of the moon and their names, move the temperature band to see...
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Magneti'Book Mix and Match Animals
Magneti'Book Mix and Match Animals - By Janod  Description Have you discovered Magneti'books yet? These portable, educational magnetic books are loved by young and old alike! So, how do they work? This magnetic box includes a host of different magnetic items...
£17.99 £17.95
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A World to Create Animals
A World to Create Animals - By Djeco Description A creative box set on the theme of animals. A multitude of thick cardboard shapes to colour and stick on the 6 large decorations. The step-by-step booklet offers the child some...
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Peacock Colours
Description A beautiful painted wooden peacock with 5 tail feathers to see the world in different colours! The coloured acrylic windows can be overlaid to see how colour mixes to create new ones. What's in the box? A beautiful peacock...
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Body Magnet
Let’s explore the human body! Children are often curious and the more they grow, the more they wonder about their own body and the human body in general. Thanks to this educational game, children will be able to answer their...
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Eole Challenge Board Game
Here is a cooperative and edutainment game for children, the objective of which is to build together a 3D cardboard wind turbine by carrying out 7 missions! But beware, time is running out and we will have to act together...
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