Activity Pack 2


These activity packs are inspired by recent events.

Pack includes:

  • Two printable rainbow colouring sheets: I have seen lovely posts of people colouring rainbows and once completed putting in there windows for the world to see <3
  • Reward charts: Morning and night charts that are fully customisable, now I know things like this are not every parent's cup of tea, but being a working mum of 3 sometimes my brain can be a bit fickle and this way the children feel a bit more responsible :)
  • Dots & boxes sheets: Now I use to love doing these as a child (I hope it doesn't show my age to much) just simply take it in turns drawing a line until boxes form, once you get a box put your initial and take another turn! 
  • Match up game: Match the animals to the words or double print the page and match words with words and animals with animals? crate a memory game or play a snap.


Download activity pack 2 here: Activity pack 2


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